Happy Birthday, Bono

May 10, 2010

Today is as good a day as any for me to get back to work and post to this blog. Life sort of got in the way there for a couple of months, but I’m back. So, happy 50th birthday, Bono. Thank you for your compassion and hard work on behalf of those with no voice. See you next month!


Happy Birthday

March 13, 2010

We send heartfelt happy birthday greetings to Adam Clayton. The U2 bassist turns 50 years old today! Thank you for all of the joy you and the rest of the band have given us over the years. We look forward to seeing you in June.

We also send happy birthday greetings to our dearly departed mother. Always in our thoughts.


A Victory for Albums and Pink Floyd

March 11, 2010

Yeah, we know we haven’t posted in a little while. We had some power issues with the computer. Glad to say a new cord has arrived and we can post again.

With iTunes, Amazon’s MP3 store and the like, music fans often take a little bit and a little bit there and fill their iPods, Zune or whatever they use with songs they like. We accept that most people want to pick and choose their music and don’t necessarily want to buy an entire record. Heck, many artists make it easy for people to do this, as they don’t bother to release new records with the thought that maybe there could be a theme to tie the songs together. So, it is in this vein that we applaud news of Pink Floyd’s victory over EMI Group Ltd.

According to the Associated Press story, Briain’s High Court ordered EMI to stop selling downloads of Pink Floyd tracks individually rather than as part of the band’s original albums. Pink Floyd sued EMI because they contended the band’s contract prohibited selling the songs, or tracks, if you will, unbundled from their original album setting.

The band’s lawyer said Pink Floyd was known for producing “seamless” pieces of music on such albums as “Dark Side of the Moon,” The Division Bell” and “The Wall.” They wanted to retain artistic control.

EMI’s response was that the clause in the band’s contract, which was negotiated about 10 years ago, before the advent of iTunes and other online retailers, applied only to Pink Floyd’s physical albums, not Internet sales.

Anyway, we applaud this decision because we believe  albums should be heard as the artist intended. The same reason we think movies should not scrubbed clean of swearing and nudity, as a former Utah company did, to create “family-friendly” versions.  Especially since you never know who’s doing the scrubbing.


Ticketmaster Blows

February 23, 2010

Anyone remember how Ticketmaster, which is now part of Live Nation Entertainment, got in trouble with the FTC for its poor handling of ticket sales for a Bruce Springsteen concert? (Fans who tried to buy tickets were steered to a more expensive reseller)    Well,  according to a Reuters story, Ticketmater and the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement last week over consumer complaints about the Springsteen ticket sales.

If they can’t sell phantom tickets to big shows like Springsteen, Ticketmaster, like the credit card companies, will find other ways to make money. If anyone wants to know whether the marriage of Ticketmaster and Live Nation is a good thing, here’s proof the monopoly is going to bleed every last dollar it can get out of the consumer. For years, Ticketmaster has charged the “convenience fee” and “processing fee” for purchases, padding its bottom line. We get that and we’ve paid it, however reluctantly, because we know they want to make money. They’ve also charged consumers $2.50 for the “convenience” of using your own printer ink to print tickets via TicketFast. Well, welcome to the new Ticketmaster, where now you have to pay $4 to have your tickets delivered via standard mail.

That’s an option they used to offer for free.

We wrote a complaint letter to the greedy gremlins but haven’t heard squat from them about why they now charge for this service.


If You Record It, People Will Buy It

February 21, 2010

We mentioned that Sade’s new record, “Soldier of Love,” the group’s first studio album since 2000’s Grammy-winning release “Lovers Rock” came out earlier this month. As it turned out, there were more than a few people who couldn’t wait to get their paws on it.

According to this Associated Press story, “Soldier of Love” sold more than 500,000 copies in its first week.

To quote:

“Soldier of Love” sold 501,665 units in its first week, debuting on top of the Billboard 200 album charts, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

That’s enough to go gold and to give the group their first No. 1 in two decades.


Good News For Cash-Strapped Beatles Fans…

February 21, 2010

An update to our previous post about Abbey Road music studio being up for sale:  According to a story by CNN, the fabled music studio is not for sale. According to the story, Terra Firma, which controls EMI, owner of the recording studios, is looking for a partner to help pay for upgrades.

Here’s a quote from the story:

“EMI confirms that it is holding preliminary discussions for the revitalization of Abbey Road with interested and appropriate third parties,” Terra Firma said.

But that does not mean the studios are for sale, it added.


U2 Opening Acts Announced

February 20, 2010

If you have tickets to U2 in Salt Lake City, Anaheim, and/or Denver, you are also a fan of Lenny Kravitz, good news: U2. com announced today that Kravitz will open the first four shows of the tour when the 360 Tour returns to North America.

The Fray will serve as the opening act for shows in Oakland, Seattle and Edmonton. Interpol will get the gig for the shows in Minneapolis, East Lansing, Toronto,, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia.