Ticketmaster Blows

February 23, 2010

Anyone remember how Ticketmaster, which is now part of Live Nation Entertainment, got in trouble with the FTC for its poor handling of ticket sales for a Bruce Springsteen concert? (Fans who tried to buy tickets were steered to a more expensive reseller)    Well,  according to a Reuters story, Ticketmater and the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement last week over consumer complaints about the Springsteen ticket sales.

If they can’t sell phantom tickets to big shows like Springsteen, Ticketmaster, like the credit card companies, will find other ways to make money. If anyone wants to know whether the marriage of Ticketmaster and Live Nation is a good thing, here’s proof the monopoly is going to bleed every last dollar it can get out of the consumer. For years, Ticketmaster has charged the “convenience fee” and “processing fee” for purchases, padding its bottom line. We get that and we’ve paid it, however reluctantly, because we know they want to make money. They’ve also charged consumers $2.50 for the “convenience” of using your own printer ink to print tickets via TicketFast. Well, welcome to the new Ticketmaster, where now you have to pay $4 to have your tickets delivered via standard mail.

That’s an option they used to offer for free.

We wrote a complaint letter to the greedy gremlins but haven’t heard squat from them about why they now charge for this service.


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