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Springsteen says no thank you ……

February 4, 2010

….. to a lawsuit filed by  the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers against a Manhattan bar where a cover band played two of  The Boss’ songs. A message posted on Springsteen’s Web site said ASCAP was solely responsible for filing the lawsuit (in federal court on Wednesday) and that Springsteen had no knowledge of the suit and would not have allowed his name to be included as a plaintiff and would not have agreed to do so if he had been asked.


Good Time for a Rainy Day Fund…

February 3, 2010

Remember when your mom recommended you put some money aside for a rainy day? We hope Men at Work’s Colin Hay and Ron Strykert listened to their mothers. Same goes for their lables, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and EMI Songs.

According to an Associated Press story, the playful flute riff from “Down Under” was lifted from a well-known children’s campfire song written more than 70 years ago. An Australian court ruled they owe the owner years of royalties.


Life’s Been Good …. until you lose a post you worked on for the past 15 minutes

January 27, 2010

We’ll try it again:

I love it when this happens: Seem a conservative Republican wanna-be congressman named Joe Walsh of Illinois co-opted a song written by musician Joe Walsh of  the Eagles for his campaign. Musician Walsh is suing politician Walsh for copyright infringement, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter’s Eriq Gardner. Guitarist Walsh’s attorney sent Illinois Walsh a wonderfully snarky letter explaining why this isn’t a good idea.

To quote:

“Given that your name is Joe Walsh, I’d think you’d want to be extra careful about using Joe’s music in case the public might think that Joe is endorsing your campaign, or, God forbid, is you.”

Gardner included a link to the complete letter.

Illinois Walsh has a video of his “Lead the Way” song

Here’s the original James Gang song: