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What if God could vote on the Grammys?

February 3, 2010

We return to our trip down memory lane with a stroll through 1996:

Let’s see, that’s the year Betty Rubble got her own Flintstones vitamin; IBM’s Deep Blue defeated chess master Gary Kasparov; and Hootie & the Blowfish won the Best New Artist Grammy over the likes of Brandy, Alanis Morrisette, Joan Osborne and Shania Twain.

The Columbia, S.C. band led by Darius Rucker scored a diamond certification for their debut album, “Cracked Rear View.” That means it sold at least 10 million records but we think it was more like 16 million. Anyway, that’s why no matter where you went, you couldn’t get away from “Only Wanna Be With You,” “Let Her Cry” and “Hold My Hand.”

Of note, Hootie’s follow-up album, “Fairweather Johnson,” released in 1996, went multi-platinum. Their third album, 1998’s “Musical Chairs,” also went platinum. They released two more studio albums and a few compilations. The band broke up in 2008 when Rucker embarked on a successful  solo career.

Which brings us to 1997: LeAnn Rimes gets the Grammy for Best New Artist over Garbage, Jewel, No Doubt and The Tony Rich Project.

Rimes was just a teenager when the country star hit it big with “Blue,” her debut album. She has sold more than 50 million worldwide. Now. we won’t lie. At the time, we wanted Garbage to get the Grammy, but with only four albums to date — the last one five years ago — it seems like Grammy voters got this one right. Rumor has it the band will release a new album sometime this year.

In 1998, the year Real Quiet won the Kentucky Derby, singer-songwriter Paula Cole won the Grammy for Best New Artist over Fiona Apple, Erykah Badu, Puff Daddy and Hanson.

Cole struck it big with “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” ( off her second album, BTW), but has hardly been heard from since then. We always liked her voice and hope rumors of a 2010 pan out and wish Cole luck. Badu has an album due this year, the “MMMBop” brothers are all married with children, and still making music. Apple hasn’t released an album since 2005 but she has recorded a song here and there. Puff Daddy, who goes by Diddy or whatever the heck he calls himself now, has a new album coming out this year.

1999: Lauryn Hill gets the Grammy over the Backstreet Boys, Andrea Bocelli, Dixie Chicks and Natalie Imbruglia. Gotta say, we like the former Fugee but wonder she has done with her career.

In 2000, Christina Aguilera won the Best New Artist Grammy over fellow Mousketeer Britney Spears and Macy Gray, Kid Rock and Susan Tedeschi.

Honestly, if the Grammy had to go to either Aguilera or Spears, the voters got it right because Aguilera is clearly the more talented singer. She has a terrific voice. That said, it would have been nice if Macy Gray won.