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MTV Now Officially Empty TV

February 9, 2010

According to The Wrap, MTV dropped the “Music Television” tagline from its logo. Just in time, we guess. MTV will turn 30 next year.

And you know what they say about people over 30.

We like this quote from the Los Angeles Times’ coverage: “The people who watch it today, they don’t refer to MTV as music television. They don’t have the same emotional connection that, say, the people who are writing about [the logo change] do,” MTV’s head of marketing Tina Exarhos said.

Sorry, Tina, but the the people who watched MTV even 15 years ago stopped referring to it as music television. MTV used to be a place to discover new music. That ended many, many years ago.

BTW, the original image was designed by Frank Olinsky and  his team at Manhattan Design. According to Olinsky, the his original design did not include the “Music Television.” Rather, that was one of those executive memo suggestions. Rolling Stone included a link to Olinksy’s Web site history.