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A Gift for the Ultimate Beatles Fan

February 16, 2010

You bought the stereo and mono box sets of The Beatles’ catalog. And every other remastered edition of their original 12 studio albums, plus the numerous hits and singles collections released over the decades. You also have DVDs of every feature film and documentary, Beatles T-shirts, bed sheets, blankets, etc. Oh, and you were among the first in line to purchase The Beatles Rock Band game.

So, where do you go from here? Well, if you have the capital, you could declare your love and ultimate Beatles fandemonium by purchasing Abbey Road. No, not the record or a the remastered CD.

We’re talking THE Abbey Road Studios. According to an Associated Press story, music company EMI Group Ltd. is hard up for cash and looking for a buyer for the fabled studio, where The Beatles recorded most of their music at the studio. Abbey Road is also where Radiohead recorded “OK Computer” and Pink Floyd recorded “Dark Side of the Moon.”

Apparently, Terra Firma Capital Partners, the private equity firm that purchased EMI in 2007 for 2.4 billion p0unds, needs to raise some big-time cash by June to avoid defaulting on its Citigroup loans. The AP story said the firm may need more than $165 million to survive through this year.

As the AP story noted, the famous black-and-white crossing is not included in the deal.