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A Victory for Albums and Pink Floyd

March 11, 2010

Yeah, we know we haven’t posted in a little while. We had some power issues with the computer. Glad to say a new cord has arrived and we can post again.

With iTunes, Amazon’s MP3 store and the like, music fans often take a little bit and a little bit there and fill their iPods, Zune or whatever they use with songs they like. We accept that most people want to pick and choose their music and don’t necessarily want to buy an entire record. Heck, many artists make it easy for people to do this, as they don’t bother to release new records with the thought that maybe there could be a theme to tie the songs together. So, it is in this vein that we applaud news of Pink Floyd’s victory over EMI Group Ltd.

According to the Associated Press story, Briain’s High Court ordered EMI to stop selling downloads of Pink Floyd tracks individually rather than as part of the band’s original albums. Pink Floyd sued EMI because they contended the band’s contract prohibited selling the songs, or tracks, if you will, unbundled from their original album setting.

The band’s lawyer said Pink Floyd was known for producing “seamless” pieces of music on such albums as “Dark Side of the Moon,” The Division Bell” and “The Wall.” They wanted to retain artistic control.

EMI’s response was that the clause in the band’s contract, which was negotiated about 10 years ago, before the advent of iTunes and other online retailers, applied only to Pink Floyd’s physical albums, not Internet sales.

Anyway, we applaud this decision because we believe  albums should be heard as the artist intended. The same reason we think movies should not scrubbed clean of swearing and nudity, as a former Utah company did, to create “family-friendly” versions.  Especially since you never know who’s doing the scrubbing.